Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


@akabillposters is still typing for the last 30ish minutes. Either there’s another book coming or he fell asleep


I think 3 months now.




i’ve used Auxy 7 months and a have never gotten reposted, liked or followed. :joy:


I reference your remarks, but this is a general point, not aimed at anyone in particular.

Even speaking as little more than a hobbyist myself, I find it a little bit alarming that amateur music enthusiasts can point to a routine turnaround of only 7 to 13 days to take something from first idea to finished track - and consider that as sufficient evidence of a ‘quality over quantity’ approach.

I suspect that many pro musicians might consider that kind of turnaround closer to churning stuff out than evidence of a genuine pursuit of care, craft and quality.

…unless you’re set up and able to dedicate hours every day to developing and crafting a single track.

Don’t get me wrong, 7-13 days is still far better than the usual 2-3 that some speak about - bearing in mind that no-one’s doing it full time. But, even to my ears, it still sounds kinda oblivious and disrespectful to true artistry and the hard work and care that goes with creating something of genuine quality.

Of course, there will have been some world famous tracks created and finished within just a few days - but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they probably weren’t amateur musicians, working on their mobile phones.

That usually happens when there’s good inspiration, good collaboration and good kit. That takes luck, or more commonly in pro music, planning.
Or, if you’re simply a musical genius, I guess.

So little of what any ’Auxy producer’ has created has reach that goes beyond the Auxy bubble, the question is - is anyone really achieving the level of quality that’s gonna lead to real traction yet?

And none of that even takes into account the fact that we’re predominantly working in the ‘easiest’ genres to compose for. How many of us are producing tracks that contain more than a single chord progression?

I’d hate for this community to lose sight of what ‘quality’ means outside the Auxy bubble.


It’s been edging on 10 months for me, lol. I only got a like by them in the past 2. Crazy, huh? Well 10 months of posting. I played with auxy since 2015 actually xD


It was a little both. Typing lots and dozing off intermittently. :wink:

Sleep now.


1.5 years


never say never

(I spared you all by not copying and pasting the entire song)


You’re a friggin magician. I call hacks.


Stay right where you are


Couple of months




About 10 months or so


Keep improving and you’ll get there. :smiley:


ugh! spam, spam spam! why does everyone spam now


I only just started, but I haven’t yet. I think that it’ll just take some time hopefully :smile: Either way I’ll do my best to make some amazing music for people to enjoy :blush:


A couple of times :slightly_smiling_face:


love you too, voltt


Probs never will. People have been really supportive recently though. I still think that my music is trash tho, and Auxy shouldn’t repost trash