Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


Yeah I was lucky :grinning:


I didn’t get a repost but I got a like




I was finally followed/liked/reposted by Auxy all in one go so I’m happy now :smiley:


I’ve gotten nothing from Auxy ;-;


GG, my dude! That’s quite the feat, to get a follow from one song alone. :slight_smile:


The only song that’s ever been reposted of mine is Cornbread. I feel like I could do better.


My songs don’t deserve to be reposted imo.


Thanks, I guess @lenberg really liked it :wink:




It takes me so long to make a track in Auxy that by the time it’s in a coherent structure, I’m so tired of working on it that I spend way less time doing all the “polishing” stuff that I could do to make them sound a little better and maybe get reposted. But honestly the sound just isn’t up to par, and the melodies, well that takes me a long time too. Not Automating things that could be automated, etc. Hopefully the new update has some “workflow” enhancements. I just can’t crank em out as fast as I would like currently.


It’s good to spend time on a song. A well polished song will always sound better. In my opinion, it’s not about speed. I’ve gotten into a rhythm of releasing a song around every 7-13 days(i know, big range) but that’s because 3 or so of the days are spent me just combing it over and looking for things to be fixed. Quality over quantity!


Yeah I get you. It’s the composition part that slows me down, I’m just more of a “hit record and play” type rather than programming stuff in the piano roll, though I think Auxy has the best one on the platform for sure.


Never gotten a repost or a follow either, on either my new or old account. Eh, the price of making genres that aren’t popular xD I make what I enjoy and that’s enough for me.


Just keep making music and you’ll get there, I’m sure :slight_smile:


Thanks, that means a lot ^w^ but I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon. Who knows though?


I’ve only gotten a collab reposted, but I’ve been followed and liked. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have gotten 5 likes and 3 reposts!:fire:and still have less than 40 followers
3/4 of a year is how long I’ve been using auxy @Reaper2.0


For all who’ve been reposted: how long had you been using Auxy before?


About 3 months or so.