Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


nope, but one can dream


I’m in no threat of a repost, hopefully. :upside_down_face:


Just posted this reply, which covers this thread too:


Got me thinking of @anechoik who was one of the first Auxy users we somehow got in contact with back in the Auxy for iPad days. He was making a lot of tracks and, to be honest, most of them were not very good then (sorry dude). What stuck out was how hard he worked on improving his skills and how determined he was on getting better. It’s been awesome to see how he’s developed over the years. Today he’s one of the most skilled and progressive Auxy producers and I’m confident that he will make it very far if he keeps the attitude and hard work.

Also reminds me of this great story about how Avicii was posting tracks on a forum and no one cared.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that determination and hard work is what separate people who are successful from the ones who are not. It’s just that we usually don’t hear much about the long struggle part of every success story.


true facts


My most recent song got reposted and I’ve gotten 2 likes they also followed me. It’s awesome and you can get there, just keep working at it and keep your mind open to new ideas and open to advice. I also listen to a lot of electronic music, which I think also helps a lot.


yes yes yes yes
Thank you @lenberg!!!


Ok okay. :\


I’m sure you will get one soon. If it helps, I could give you feedback on any of your projects :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile:


I’ve been reposted 1.5 times and liked once on a non-reposted song. It’s a great feeling. Anyone who is still pushing to be reposted— it will happen! It really will. My songs were absolutely trash (and still are tbh), but improvement comes as you go. Just take every bit of advice as feedback, and don’t be scared to take criticism. Also, ask questions to your friends for tips and advice.


1.5 times?


.5 = collab


makes sense


I mean, the trick to get reposted is to complain a lot in the forum until I give in and just repost the damn track. In case that wasn’t clear…

Which tracks should Auxy repost? (Don't recommend your own releases/collabs!)



(j/k. Really was a pleasant surprise to get reposted [twice now]. Really wasn’t why I was being a squeaky wheel.)


Wher’d my repot I spent like a hole four or five minutes on tha trakc!!1!1!1!


Quality approach :ok_hand:t3: :smirk:


If you weren’t that squeaky you would have been reposted three times by now :stuck_out_tongue:


Fine with me. Was never in the discussion for the self-promotion. Really. :slight_smile: