Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


Lenpai will notice you guys eventually


lenpai??? umm ok




@lenberg mixed with Senpai


xD lenpai


i havent been reposted, ive just one only one BTC before… i dont think that is enough.

i think it was BTC #9


That must be enough, because you collaborated with DeCruz of all people!


but that was the think, are song was fire! that doesn’t mean i stop that means i should do more. its not about “oh you got two thinks and that is more than most people so you have enough” no its about progression and since then i havent gotten crap, i should be expanding, like andrew and other guys. i shouldnt stop? why would i stop? i dont make crap music and only one hit wonders, no i am still in th edge making hot music and i havent gotten the respect it deserves. sorry if this sounds like a dick thing to say, but it is my opinion.


Not wanting to take sides or something here, but one thing I might add is that pretty much all the recognition I got wasn’t from Auxy reposts. I’ve been reposted once (and another time but it was a collab). And I mean I’m definitely not the most popular guy, but a decent amount of people know me. :slight_smile: So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can still get a little recognition even if your stuff doesn’t get reposted. It seems like people make a huge deal about getting reposted, but after all it’s just a repost (not an instant ticket to popularity). Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:


very well said :ok_hand:t3:


deep. Deep indeed. I agree !


well let me put it this way. you, decruz, and BSJ are very much a like. you all got reposted. then you guys found that people like that song so you guys use the same sounds, ultimately creating a noticeable sound to your name, which makes you popular. i dont do that. most people think it of like this " wow he is really cool, i want more like that" so you guys do that. after 10 songs or so people start to think," hmm his sound are honestly starting to sound a lot like the same thing" and they do, honestly i cant tell the difference between the songs. all of my songs are completely different and have a different style to them. i try to challenge myself to do something different. my melodies are way better than others, but you guys got your structure down so people like your stuff more. but once i understand how to get the structure down my melodies are going to be so great. and i am getting really darn close.

i always think i sound like a dick when i share my opinion, which i sway i dont very often. this was not meant to offend you, decruz, or BSJ cause you guys are great. but that is the thing; i have sooo many ideas to share that are good but since everyone can only play their style, because they havent expanded their sound like i have they cant tkae any chances. i have asked guys like you, i havent asked you yet so maybe we could work something out :smirk:, and they say they cant collaborate with me because they dont know what to do…its because they are scared that it would not sound like their music and their listeners will be confused.


Personally, I wouldn’t really agree with this since in my opinion it’s not about variety necessarily but about quality at the end. I’f you master one style really well you should keep on doing this. I don’t mean anyone specifically here now since I don’t know that many songs of some of you yet (getting there to get to know you all more though :slightly_smiling_face: ) but generally to everyone. Do what you feel the most quality is in. That’s what makes you happy. But if that’s variety (and equally quality) that of course works the same way :slight_smile:


Well I’m not really sure what to tell you, man. Like I said before, I’m not trying to get into an argument or something… was just trying to pop in and give a little helpful comment about reposting. :slightly_smiling_face: I could try to say more, but it sounds like at this point it would only make you more frustrated.

Anyway, keep making the best music you can and hope for the best. And you might not want to tell people you “melodies are way better then others”, but just an idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


agreed. :ok_hand:t3:


well that is what i was saying, i know how to make a lot of really good different things, and other people have mastered to create a sound that is well organized. that is what i am working on rn.


i’m not frustrated. i was just trying to share my opinion… but i made it sound like i was… wasnt i…

the point i was trying to say was some people are good at coming up with melodies and other are good at creating a good structure to their music. i need work on structure.


Tornait here. I’ve got a lot of complaints. And one… Is genre diversity. Too many people doing the same genre. Especially trap, future bass, etc. I honestly think it’s getting stale. You can choose not to agree, and I’ll agree to disagree. Also, this is really more about the stuff the Auxy team reposts. Sure, they may like certain parts of a certain song, but to other people, it means basically everything in the world. It’s like an endorsement from Michael Jordan to them, and they strive to get to that point; it’s basically becoming ‘Auxy famous’. But to get to that point, it doesn’t mean someone should have to conform. That’s why I’m endorsing genre diversity. Push your limits. Do something fresh, something different. Something that can really hook people. Always strive for that with every song… That is, if you’re catering to your fans. If not, if you’re catering to yourself, then make every song a personal challenge. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. And surely, every song will get better.

he explains very well on what i was trying to get at. he shows how everything sounds the same. and there isnt enough diversity between artists and their music.


i agree. it seems like EVERYONE now on Auxy is doing future bass, and even thought their stuff is impressive, its still just the same genre everyone does


I doubt that.
I mean,