Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


I got 3 reposts (or 4 idk) but I’ve never been featured. I really want to be though :stuck_out_tongue:



same but my stuff is nowhere near good enough


dude, don’t we all want to be featured :wink:


You’re improving tons with every song. keep going, your stuff is awesome


thx :slight_smile:


and BTW ur stuff is awesome too :smile:


Don’t give up hope! You can do it!


That’s what I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just keep going!


Auxy doesn’t know I exist and probably never will ;-;


Not sure I do want my stuff featured

Aren’t featured tracks put out there under Creative Commons?

I probably won’t be doing that with any of my stuff.


1/2 a repost w/ my bro moe :grin: @moemx


4 times, but only once in the past year
Edit: Okay, now 5 times


I wish I could get one of my tracks reposted, but I think I’m not at that level yet. I’m hoping to try to keep improving.


I’ve been reposted only once, and let me tell you,

what a lovely feeling.

I thought I wouldn’t either, and when I was making the song that got resposted I didn’t expect much attention to come to it.

Just keeeeep. Onnnnn. Practicinggggg. Keep making music you love and wait patiently, because maybe you’ll wake up to some exciting SC notifications, unexpectedly. ^-^

P.S. if you don’t get reposted for weeks, or even months, let that motivate and drive you to create the best you can.



very inspirational calmor thank you




Lenberg, I want the fricking satisfaction.


I feel underrated when I see some tracks that have been reposted and I believe my tracks are better.


same tho