Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


I only got a like from a collab, but I’m okay with that.

It’s the small things that matter most. :slight_smile:


if i remember correctly, across my numerous accounts that i’ve used in the past, i’ve had 4 reposts and i got in one of their beat the clock playlists

edit: now i have 5 and i’m in another one of their playlists


I’ve just now had my track Play By Your Own Rules reposted by Auxy https://soundcloud.com/pistol69/play-by-your-own-rules


Ok Im gonna post more and try to get a repost


I had 1 repost a year or so ago. I’m pretty sure that’s why there hasn’t been any other reposts of my stuff lol :joy:
Tough crowd.


u need more you’re the most unique style of Auxy music out there


i stand corrected

i’ve just been reposted


Thanks bud, but unique doesn’t seem to be what anyone’s looking for. It’s fine, I don’t really self promote (my music or my career :sweat_smile:) , I don’t expect Auxy to do it for me.


I got my second repost I’m very very very happy right now yay jazz hands


Update: no

It’d probably help if I actually uploaded. But I don’t


Hopefully you have luck when you upload. I uploaded 3 tracks pretty close to each other, but no like and no repost : |


A recent preview I posted got liked so I’m kinda hyped to upload the track


Probably never🤧 but I’m not even close to a repost yet


You’re the first person I’ve seen use that emoji.




You were in Trick or Treat with the spook gang dude :joy:


@Foxlike and I made it onto the top 10 January tracks list :wink:


That saddens me. Then again I didn’t actually post in January.

But also, I’ve never been in an Auxy playlist…


Well i have posted so auxy better notice me lol


Not once
Never been noticed by a lot of people