Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


If you haven’t already yet, I’d recommend making a new post under the Finished Tracks section of #tracks. This topic was specifically for people inquiring about Auxy reposts, not so much a place to advertise your works. Thanks!


Ah thanks @icsleepers. I was looking for a place to post. Apologies for the misplacement :+1:t3:


You have to start somewhere. Why not upload your music to SoundCloud? It’s super easy.


Wait. Nevermind lol


Cool !!
Will try to make an account on it


Lmao I got 2 Reposts right before I kinda stopped using Auxy funny enough :sob:


they want you to stay lul


I’ve only been followed by Auxy.
I have yet to be liked and/or reposted oof


I can’t even get a follow, consider yourself lucky x3


I have yet to even be followed by Auxy too. :man_shrugging:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


Well… uh, Cornbread. And High Score Hunter, which was a collab with @Fokkses. Yeah, I feel pretty good


I just feel like that follow is kinda useless if they aren’t even checking out my music : |


True, but it’s something compared to nothing. At that point, acknowledging is seen as something positive xD


I guess


yos :pray:


Everyone on this forum was new once… don’t stop believing in yourself my dude!


High score hunter is an awesome song :sunglasses:


Pretty sure I have a few reposts under my belt

Is it bad that I forget which songs


Hehehe ! Thanks Auxy ! Finally !


I dont get reposted as i dont post :thinking: