Have you ever been reposted by Auxy?


make music that pushes the limits of auxy, then they’ll eventually notice you… it takes a while, make sure to talk to a lot of people in the community so you get your name out there quicker


Obligatory “make future bass wub wub wub lolllll” response…


What they share is often in this style, often without originality I think … There are so many talents Auxy that are not highlighted enough


I’m pretty new to Auxy so I don’t think I’ll really ever get a reposted track…


I don’t matter how new you are… If you make good music you will most likely get a repost


I guess I dont make good music then :upside_down_face:


Like me :joy: because it’s not : wuwuwuwuw BRRRR wuwuwuwuw




update: i have gotten multiple reposts by auxy, so that’s good. i have also gotten a song reposted and then unreposted after some time by auxy, so idk what’s up with that but :man_shrugging:


I have never been reposted by Auxy because I’ve never posted any music :rofl::rofl::wink:

All Jokes apart
I think what resists me from posting my music is type of music listeners and genre variations.
I’ve seen many Auxians making Future Bass, Trap,DnB etc but hardly anyone making Trance, EDM, House or Uplifting Tracks other than me or few on Auxy.
And I also listened to most of the Auxy reposted tracks and I hardly found any track in such genres except few.
It looks like Auxy is becoming more to Future Bass, Trap, DnB Music Production Tool.
I can say so b’cuz the type of Demo Music provided with Auxy and The type of music reposted by Auxy presents they are are kind of promoting such genres.Dont take me wrong on this, these are just my guesses
This is something always retards me from posting my music


You should definitely post your music! The worst thing that could happen is that someone may not like it, and that’s their opinion. I don’t like country music, but that doesn’t mean others don’t, and it also doesn’t mean it’s not good music. Besides, if not that many people create the music you like to create, it’s free real-estate!
Keep making your music. Besides, Auxy reposts are made by Auxy, and they repost things they like, and there isn’t a single person who actually likes “all types of music.” All I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to post your music.


I’m not afraid at all instead I resist myself to do so
B’cuz I think my music would be less valuable than I spent the amount of time on each track.
And would be less praised.


Thanks for your encouragement …
But I need strong reason for that


I post my music right now just as a hobby and a learning expirence. I know my music is nowhere near professional, but by practice and people’s feed back, I’ve gotten better over time. That’s why I post it. If you need any help with your music, SoundCloud or anything, feel free to dm me.


I also produce music as my hobby and
I know my music are kind of Professional or upto it.
So I think it would be waste to simply upload on streaming services like SoundCloud etc


then distribute them everywhere, not just to soundcloud


Well then it would be better to distribute my music to some well known music distribution label


then find one


I have yet to post, as I’ve only recently joined, but I do have an album out already since the start of February.

For anyone who wants to give it a look:

All 12 tracks I’ve released so far are here, and I would love some feedback to learn from and help improve my song-writing ability. Thanks :beers:


I’ll give them a listen in a little bit