Have You Actually Played At A Party?


There was either too much or not enough alcohol at that party.


Would do! But i dont have any equipment. And i have minimal knowledge about DJ equipments.


Does it count if you play it on a small Bluetooth speaker at your own birthday party to show your 7 friends that came your music?


Great art takes time…


are the discord VC’s and feedback streams considered parties?


I know this is a little late, but I think your job sounds awesome! Me and my friends volenteer at our church on Wednesday nights, except it isn’t your normal church service. It’s just for teenagers and we don’t have normal worship songs, we have fast paced pop and edm sounding tracks with Christian lyrics sung to them. (Although it does slow down later and then we have an actual message) As you can imagine, such energetic songs would require some energetic lights and sounds. Me and my friends run the lights and sound there, and I’ve been learning the basics of production. It’s deffinitly something I’d want to do when I grow up, and I just thought it’s cool to meet someone who does legit lights and sound for legit concerts and wanted to share that with you.

Also, our church made a new song with a sick beat to it, and they asked me if I would like to remix it for them. I should be releasing it within the next month or so.


yo plug some of @Goxenar’s track during those


I have to admit, sometimes, before rehearsals, me and my friend @asavage24_7 , the sound guy, will play some soundcloud on the big speakers, and man do @Goxenar ‘s drops sound good on those.


Hey, that’s great!
What console do you use for lighting?

That’s cool! What’s your church called?
And, I’d like to hear your remix!


That’s awesome! Where is this church?


I appreciate the support man!


ill dm you two for privacy reasons,