Have You Actually Played At A Party?


Where are you?


Same. And that sucks.


Stick it on YouTube and put a link. I want to see :smiley:


Looks so nice you are good at your job :slight_smile:


Thanks, mate!


No, but I’m friends with DJs that can give me that hookup when I’m ready!


No I’m not a party person lol


Never, but it sounds on my bucket list. I just don’t know if I’d be good enough lol.

Parties, fun. DJing, scary.


I’m never invited to parties… Sigh :disappointed:

probably because I’m too cool


You see, I have an allergy called stage fright and… ya, very contagious.


Ye At my cousins graduation party


For house parties, you don’t have to be invited. People rarely send out invitations. You just show up. Probably best to know someone there tho


But people… Ewww :joy:


Hahahaha! Same!! :joy:
My friends always talk about rap songs


Same though


I haven’t done house parties. Only at halls.


Judging from the fact that I don’t party or share music that I like with people irl



However, I do have a cousin who is a DJ. So there’s that.


Yeah, a couple times. I’ve even played a couple raves


rave song? Up next? Maybe? Yes?