Have You Actually Played At A Party?


Hey everyone,
Because I am playing music at many party’s I was wondering if anyone else has.
If you have please share your experience down below!! :+1:


No i have’nt but i know that my friend @Xlimator has!


What kind of party are you playing at? And what?


Nope! I’m insecure about my music and idk why. Also i don’t go to parties that often :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk why you are either. :unamused:


My friends all like rap :joy:


I do actually DJ, so yes, I’ve played at “parties.”

Actually, they’re events. I usually play for a few hundred o’ people, but I don’t do house parties, though. House parties don’t pay well, if at all. :confused:


It would be kinda cool to try that, but no. I wouldn’t count band concerts to be a “party” either xD


You make your living DJ’ing? If so, that’s pretty cool.


I “played” music for a 25th anniversary party and a few other smaller gathherings (Not my music tho :stuck_out_tongue:)
I am also a professional car DJ



I make my living off of doing light shows for concerts, and events, actually.
Producing and DJing just come right along with it.


That’s a bit of my work.


Wow. I suppose you really enjoy your job!




TURKEY IS BORING. There is literally no House parties and sadly i have never experienced a House party. Sounds cool tho.


Yup. Sadly disco won’t let me upload a video…


That’s amazing! Maybe make it a private video on youtube or something?


Nope because ain’t nobody around here like edm, or at least probably not as much as I do.


Hmm Idk man, the video is not THAT good :see_no_evil: