Have sound pack releases completely dried up?

I’m not keeping the closest eye on these things, but it certainly feels like the trickle of sound pack releases has kinda dried up.

The most pack recent mentioned in the app’s feed is 101 from Mars, which dates back at least a year.

What’s occurring? What’s the plan going forward?

I appreciate the push to new markets (language support) is worthwhile, but if the app has been functionally zombie-fied for existing users, with no clear plans for new features and with any expectation of new sound packs on a regular/semi-regular basis, it would be good to know.


wasn’t 101 from mars uploaded in december? it was like on 3rd or 2nd iirc

You might be right. I think I’m getting confused by a thread from Feb ‘21 which mentions 101 from Marz, but I think they might be referring to samples manually imported, rather than the sound pack set, which was released more recently.

It’s hard to tell as the posts in the app feed aren’t dated, and sound pack releases are routinely announced here on Auxy’s user forum or on the their Twitter account.
(New sound pack releases used to routinely trigger a discussion thread, but as activity here has dropped off, that doesn’t seem to be happening recently.)

I’d be interested to see sound pack releases listed out by date. It all still feels like it’s tapering off, which doesn’t fill me with confidence that there are meaningful plans for Auxy.

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You should hear the new frozen lake pack @ThoughtfulNoise

You can also always rely on user-made packs. I’ve released about three, but there are many others.

Yeah it was December.

Imo… Pretty much every sound in that pack sounds like a minor tweak of another sound already available. I’d say that the Auxy sound engine is starting to run out of steam, but the custom sounds that some users are putting out show that, for now, official Auxy sounds perhaps aren’t fully exploring what’s possible with the engine they’ve opted to use.

I’d perhaps also suggest putting out more sample-based instruments might broaden out the soundscape in the library, but decent samples often incur licensing costs, so it becomes a relatively expensive and unappealing option for Auxy.

They need to switch things up somehow, as the library has been getting increasingly stale for quite a while. We’ll reach a point where new sounds routinely add nothing, and users are left subscribing to a music production app with a functionally static library of sounds.

Also, ironically, since they switched to sorting sound packs only by names, rather than ‘most recent first’, I find myself dipping into the latest packs less often bc you have to remember what a new pack’s named to go find it in the list.

@Auxy Consider adding ‘most recent’ as a sort option in the sound packs listing screen - and perhaps make that the default sorting view, to encourage awareness of, and engagement with newer sound packs.

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You can also just look at “which one is least familiar???”

I generally don’t make a habit of remembering pack names.

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I think it has been, the one before that might have been September from a conversation relating to this same topic that I checked on Auxy collective (but not sure, haven’t been paying much attention myself either to dates)

This is also a UX issue, ever since the menus were overhauled, it was extremely hard for me to remember which pack is new and which ones were old. The lack of a “sort by” option within the list significantly reduced my workflow as a result

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Does seem like a particularly strange UX decision/oversight.

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They added a melodic sampler, you can just import sounds that you want

I know. I was one of those pushing or it for years.

Not sure how that relates to wanting latest sound packs to be easier to find in the list though.


Hello, I’m new to the forum but I’ve been using Auxy for years now. Ever since Auxy 6.5 I’ve noticed that new sound packs have been few and far between. I really disliked that we were getting so many featured tracks instead of new sound packs. No offense towards the composers but I would just rather be notified when there is a new sound pack over a featured track, not to mention that I think it is far more exciting to get a new sound pack anyway.

I know that we have the melodic sampler but (to me) it feels a little limited to what it can do. For example, the melodic sampler seems to be absent of shape, tone, and vibrato controls (if you import a strings sample) which I assume can only be applied to sounds that come from sound packs. And I find that if I’m using a sample that is short but is exactly the sound I need I can’t extend it or hold the note at all especially since the release control doesn’t seem to do anything. That might just be a limitation of the melodic sampler but personally I rarely find it useful for what I would like to achieve.

Personally I would like an official statement as to why the sound packs have dried up just to clear everything up. If it’s for good reason then I don’t mind but I would like to be in the know, like if something changed in the production process or if they have too much work on their hands to add new sound packs monthly anymore. I just think that having good, clear communication with the community is important so that users don’t feel like they are being held in the dark about things. My apologies if the developers have already addressed this in their Discord server, I’ll have to check that next.


This :point_up_2: :point_up: :point_up_2: :point_up:

Note: Afaik there is no official Auxy Discord server, only those created by Auxy users.
A little while ago, Auxy team kinda (seemingly) made the decision not to service this forum/community much, preferring to let others build their own active communities.


I see… that’s very disappointing then. I thought that the Auxy Collective server was the official one but it didn’t seem to have any developer news in it. In that case I see the value in letting the community do their own things but they should at the very least have an official developer information/log/update channel somewhere.


I’ve written at length about what “they should at the very least” be doing. :wink:

It’s particularly disappointing, bc comms is actually very low effort and cheap. And yet…


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That’s unfortunate.

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