Have a nice year! - YANEECK

Hi there,

Since we have only a few days before we welcome next year, let me wish you Happy New Year :slight_smile:
So this was the first part of my wishes. The second one is my brand new track:

Should you have any comments, please share it below. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome. Or compliments :wink:

Take care,


You too, mister.

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
Have a good one.

I’ll be sure to check out your track.

(I might try to hit you up for a collab in the NY :wink:

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Happpy New Year Tomasz!

Liked the track BTW. Heard some sounds in there that I don’t think came from Auxy (Ahh-sound?). Did you produce this with other tool(s)? Enjoyed the chord progressions at 2:43 and 4:06. Also dig the bass line throughout. Well done sir!

Any plans for another album in 2018?

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It’s 100% Auxy! :slight_smile:


Really?? What is that “Ahhh” sound that comes in at 1:55?

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Sometimes, the ways these sounds mix sounds like breathing or vocal chops. It’s pretty awesome, a song I heard recently did this and I was like :o

I really want to know how that sound was achieved in Auxy (maybe an AP I haven’t purchased yet?). Been looking for a good “ahh” sound to use.

@yaneeck Are you willing to give up your secret sauce? :wink:

Was it my song?

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I wish I could find or remember, but no… I tried to do a forum search to no avail.

No problem. I was just curious

This is how I make breathing/vocal sounds in my songs:


That is silk my friend

There you go @darwinmcd he said it before me

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