Haunt in the Water - Xavior [Cinematic / Electronic]

Listen to HAUNT IN THE WATER on Soundcloud now (and available to stream in multiple other music sharing platforms very soon)

This is my ultimate fusion of cinematic and dark, electronic music. It’s so amazing to be able to fully express your musical niche. This track will probably remind those who’ve been around since my “IVO” days of my earliest works (more specifically, Omnipotent)

Let me know your thoughts! Do you want to hear more music like this? All feedback is appreciated. :smiley:

:black_heart: Xavior


Didn’t know you were Rezz! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, dude, this is really cool! I like the narration that pops up, that just adds a whole new flavour.

(but yeah it sounds a lot like rezz lol and that’s not a bad thing)

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Rezz is undoubtedly a huge inspiration for my music over the years. This is definitely a testament to my two all-time favorites from her: Spider on the Moon and Diluted Brains. So glad you like the track and I hope you stick around for more :slight_smile: