Has this been copied? [Plagiarism?]

So ncs just uploaded a new track:

Whilst listening to it, I thought hang on? I know this melody.

Have they copied it from this?


They are really similar, but it could be unintentional. The melody is pretty simple and not hard to come up with.

I get what you mean, it’s just the first part though, so I personally am not bothered by it, since it happens more often that melodies sound similar.
That Clarx track is fire though :fire:

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Clarx is one of my favorite producers!
This is imo his best track:

That’s awesome
The drop reminded me of something mesto would make

Check the second drop to unstoppable. Much alike

I’m thinking it’s a coincidence.

I was watching a music feedback stream and someone had a track that had an identical drop to another track, even though they’ve never even heard of the other artist.

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Oh wow

Music has been around forever, so two melodies sounding a little bit similar is pretty common (especially nowadays while music is booming). Songs have doppelgangers just like humans lol


In the same boat. Both are pretty awesome tracks, though!

Pretty simple melodies…

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It can’t be plagiarism, they changed it up a bit. Even if it sounds similar, there aren’t enough grounds.

Just a coincidence

Yea. But they sound super cool