Has anyone made their own samples yet?

Hey just wondering, the update let you make your own samples and I was wondering at anyone has done so yet. I can’t cause I’m broke and can’t pay

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I imported the “can I get a waffle?” vine…


That’s the first thing you did


I’ll be trying to sample some brass stuff from garageband or something xD and maybe some saxy stuff~

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Imported a 4 bar loop from elsewhere, played perfectly once I extended the loop length. And I made sure tempo was the same. I did some math, at 120 bpm, 16 seconds is 8 bars. So with this limit if 10 secs, you can surely fit any 4 bar loops you have into most reasonable tempos.

Oh and samples will play in their entirety so make sure you have nothing extra in there


fight me

Gimme that sample

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Gimmme that sammmplleeee

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My iCloud is full and I don’t have a Mac. :sob:

not gonna lie this weekend will be full of importing vines to play beforehand the drop


i dont know how to, can anyone help?

First off, do you have premium?
If you do, it’s basically you just copy your custom drums and paste them here.


i have premium

Wait what? What if i dont want to use a drum loop? Anyway I’m not sure what you mean

Yeah already grabbed stuff from blocs wave and groovebox

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Trying, not really working out.

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I tried going to the iCloud website and dragging samples in but it says they aren’t supported so I’m confused
@Auxy @Fredrik please help if you can

Have to be uncompressed 44khz wav, not any other format. Anything you export from another app and “open in” Auxy should work (literally the menu choice is open in auxy).

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