#happyhiphop song challengeeeeeee

I NEED you hiphop / funk interested guys and gals to make a full track out of this bad boy (since this genre is totally underrepresented here). Also it’s a happy beat where I’m not feeling the most save in :stuck_out_tongue: I’m maybe doing it myself as well - but happy to see where you might take things to!

The rules are:

  • use the parts provided in your song - or only change them as little as possible
  • keep it vinyl’y and classy (interpretation allowed here though)
  • recommendation for ongoing collaboration: make a beat with a structure that allows a verse, where you can rap over :slight_smile:

I’ll pick my personal favorite and then say let’s maybe even find someone who wants to rap over this – I’d be willing to edit and structure / mix everything in ableton (which Im learning currently) and - dang - we’ve got ourselves a trio-collab track that makes people wanna say ‘aaaahhh yeeeaazz’ :slight_smile: :smiley:

Also: if you have favorites among the submissions, you may fiend yourself a collab partner, to create a dope song yourself. maybe an other-genre version of this…



I wish I had AP 5. That’s next on my list
Am I allowed to change the instrument?

I did it! https://app.auxy.co/projects/ALsw3BdUCBSxhc0GPeFZsg==
Honestly had a rough time so it’s not my best but I like it quite a good deal

dope. thanks man!

looks like this isn’t really the challenge everyone was looking for :smiley:

Guess not ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I enjoyed it

Would you say this is still open? I mainly make hip hop, rap beats on Auxy, and I feel like I can make something out of this.

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Hah. This somehow just fell asleep :smiley: sure do something with it. Happy to hear your work :slight_smile: