Hans Zimmer – Time (Remade by stereofield)

I know a couple of people were talking on here about remaking some of Hans Zimmer’s music. I recently watched Inception and really liked the music so I decided to remake Time (most popular song) in Auxy. Enjoy!


Listen: https://soundcloud.com/stereofld2/time
Project file: https://app.auxy.co/projects/74hRmosyzmH825jV-ofl6w==

As far as mixing goes, it’s terrible, there’s a lot more high end in the original because of all the orchestral instruments and layering. The remix is a fairly simple as far as layering goes. In the original project, I have 3 chord layers:

  • Hour for basic backing chords (lowpass automates in a crescendo a.k.a. very slow wub :wink: every 4 bars)
  • Sweet Saw for higher frequency plucks (very slight lowpass automation, and the melody is somewhat mirrored into the chords)
  • Viola Section for strings (tried to make it sound like real strings, which was kinda hard. automated in a crescendo every 4 bars)

The only drums are a filtered Bulldog impact backbeat (comes in at the beginning, and then around 3:03) and then some clock ticking effect from the Pacific kit at the end.

Overall, there isn’t much variation in the song just because the original is the same way. Hans Zimmer is really good at not having variation and yet making it sound really good – I’m not. Ehh, I tried.

Hope you enjoy it :wink: let me know what you think


Amazing job!

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Sounds awesome. I really like it. I know it’s a cover, but I love your more ambient orchestral style. :smiley:

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Time is my favorite song ever, and this just made it em more of my number one song of all time!! Such a great cover!! Keep up the great work!!

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Had to listen to the original first, haven’t seen Inception in a super long time. You did a great job capturing the essence of the original while using your own sound palette to compliment the flow of the track.

An electric guitar sample brought in from outside woulda been cool, but kudos for keeping it all inside Auxy I wouldn’t even say it detracts from it, I’m just a sucker for guitar.

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The original is great and you conveyed the feels and emotions really well.

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I just dropped a like on your remake because it’s beautiful!

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