Halloween(Spooky Song Challenge)

Would anyone want to do a Halloween song challenge?

If it had a lot of rules or so, it could be.

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spooky time (yes)

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How do you want to do rules?

im in

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im gonna start right now actually lol

Think of something. It would make the challenge easier for people to understand.

just whoever can make the best Halloween song. so its a good song but spooky too

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With this challenge(including making it spooky) try to have at least one Panic Attack Sound(if you don’t have the pass, just include a scary sound)

What does having a lot of rulers have anything to do with it?

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True. I just wanna hear spooky tracks and put them in a playlist for Halloween. This really wasn’t gonna be a challenge, I was gonna put it in random but didn’t know what to do with it

lets do it

The more rules in a challenge, the less fun you’ll have. And this is a fun challenge.

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Okay. I’ll let this challenge be.

Okay then, as long as it has a spooky vibe, let the Spooky begin