Halloween Remix Competition! πŸŽƒ


Wait omg idk how but it just came back, hopefully ill finish it in time.

lifes given me a second chance


Booyah https://soundcloud.com/r-jrdn/halloween-remix-competition-r
And here’s the project: https://app.auxy.co/projects/nH96Wu1aP5QlSiGsnMu2Lw==


Alright results will be in tomorrow


Any news?


Im sorry i got caught up with something and i didnt have time to judge. Itll be in soon!


Alright cool



1st: @R-JRDN. You win two reposts, or two remixes songs of your choice. Your song had such great vibes, and was beautifully made. The editing was insane and I think everyone can agree on that!

2nd: This was hard to decide. Two people had equally great tracks. But the one that I chose was… @DParker! @Tree was equally matched, but I listened to both songs over and over again, and I decided that it was DParker who won. I loved your skills on the editing and the automations were amazing. You win one repost or two songs remixed.


3rd @Tree . Your track was very nice, and I loved the new loops you added. You were so close to being 2nd, but I still respect you for your remix. It was great! I loved the bass line and the fx you added!
You win a repost!

4th: @FRUDS. Your remix blew me away, honestly. I loved the vocal chops you added, and I thought you beat Tree, but I listened to both so much I decided who won. One thing I could suggest was that you changed up the drums a little bit more and not only the melody. Your track was still really good

5th: @El1011. Sorry mate, you got fifth. That does not mean that your track wasn’t good. I loved the bass you put In there. I loved the vibes it gave. But I do have suggestions. I think the bass drop was a little too slow, and didn’t fit with the song, and the melody with the bass was a little bland, but it did sound good. I loved the pad you used! The second drop was honestly amazing and it sounded so good. Respect :ok_hand:


That was a fun challenge, thanks for hosting!



Nah but thanks for the host. Had a lot of fun doing it


I really enjoyed everyone’s entries they were all so diverse in styles and i had fun being apart of this!
I guess i’ll DM you @AnirudhKhanna for the details?


@R-JRDN @DParker @Tree

Dm me for prizes


Thanks was fun to join :slight_smile:


I just hopped on but thank you so much!!!