Halloween Remix Competition! πŸŽƒ


Happy Halloween! I’ve put together two spooky loops and I have a challenge for you.

Must Be Harmonic Minor
Must Include One Of the loops given

Feel free to change the bpm, key, or anything else.

Note: you can change the loops but it has to have a close resembelence to the original loop.

How It Works

You are given two options in this project file. Choose one to implement Into a spooky song. My favorite will be decided!

How is it graded?

Structure- 50%
Flow- 25%
Spookiness- 10%
Does it sound good? 15%




I’ll probably do this, seems fun.


im down


Can i do this in Garageband instead of Auxy?


As long as you follow the rules, sure.


tfw u cranked out the whole track in a day (still needs mixing n stuff tho) but now it’s 4am and you feel like you wanna just commit die


Same lmao


This is a challenge I can get behind.


:sweat_smile:hope it does his job good


Wait whens the dead line?


@R-JRDN deadline is November 3rd

You have enough time


Oooo be prepared to b spooked




Made some sp00ky dubstep/riddim and chucked in some anime samples from a recent one i watched that was pretty gud (it was good but honestly pretty messed up overall)


@R-JRDN @Ianardo @Tree

Deadline is Nov. 3rd


Guess I’ll be making something fast lol I sort of forgot


God damn it i lost my project.
Oh well sorry but i cant enter anymore :frowning_face:


Does it have a backup?


Rip what happened?


Made spooky fast


It wasn’t the apps fault its my iPad. Its kinda old and sometimes things just dont save so yeah.