Has anyone dipped into the unlocks for Novation/ampify’s Groovebox app? I REALLY like the synth sounds and wondering if it’s worth the plunge on the synths for full parameter control.

Not looking to replace Auxy, want to use it in conjunction with. Thanks!


I haven’t taken the plunge yet.

I love the way it sounds, but if I remember correctly they haven’t implemented MIDI learn yet?
If that changes I’m all in.

You can’t automate any parameters though right? I need to take a closer look at this haha…

Yeah the synths (not even counting the new wave table one) are just GOOD, they sound good. It also seems like the controls aren’t overly complex but the parameters available are all great.

I’m gonna mull it over more and see if others have used it unlocked too

I’ve had it unlocked for a while, the synths are indeed nice and easy enough to program but there is no automation whatsoever. There is also not a song mode or way to lay out a track. You can create different sections, and switch between them on the fly which works quite well but you have to record the output into something like audioshare if you want a full track. You can of course export stems and stuff. And it accepts midi. Overall the synths and ease of use are the best thing but beyond that it doesn’t really do anything too interesting except load random patterns you can use to get started.

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Ok cool - yeah I’d be exporting from there into Auxy direct so I’m not too worried about structuring stuff in the app. I just know the synth engine itself sounds great.

They’re running a sale (?) now to unlock everything for 15 bones. I don’t care too much about the drum synth in there I think Auxy got us covered but what the hey

Also forgot to mention, you can only have 8 tracks of either drums or any synths in a project and cannot change sounds/instruments per section.

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Ok awesome, this is all good to know. I just feel like I’d get more mileage out of it instead of dumping a ton of money into blocs wave (which is still pretty awesome regardless)

An app I love that’s another groovebox type deal is Groove Rider GR-16. Think it’s a couple bucks more than the Groovebox full unlock but you can do quite a few more things with it. Like I went the other direction and sampled Auxy instruments into it, recorded them live, added crazy fx

Yeah I saw a few screenshots reminds me of when I had an Electribe :relaxed: those were the days ahhhhh

I never had an electribe so I’m really digging it. Apparently it has stuff people misssd in the electribe but I dunno for sure