Greynova [GreyOldTwit / GR3Y Rebranding News]

Hey. This is Matthew. (Most of you might have known me as GreyOldTwit or GR3Y). I haven’t been active a lot lately, because I’ve been busy with all the IRL stuff, plus I decided to rebrand again to another artist name. As Greynova.

The reason for the rebrand is that I had issues with my distributor sending my music to another “GR3Y” on the music platforms. What made it worse is that this other GR3Y started releasing stuff one month prior to my GR3Y rebranding (which I had planned months before then). So, to avoid the hassle of sending an email to the distributor for every new release, I chose to do an artist rebrand.

During this time, I also held a logo competition for a new logo (on my Instagram and Discord), and here was the winner:

With that being said, hopefully I get back into the rhythm of producing tracks and getting some new stuff out soon.

I also put this rebrand news up, so that people don’t get confused why I am posting Greynova music as GR3Y here.