[Grand Prize: Ableton Live] Nick & Jhosselyn - Together


Upload the WAV to SoundCloud privately, enable downloads, and then DM him the link. :slight_smile:




And that’s a wrap!
Thanks to all who participated!

We will be judging over the next few days, and we’ll post the winner soon!


Hey, y’all,

Thanks for participating!
Nice remixes!

But, there has to be a winner, right?

After listening to all of the remixes, and after discussing with @blakkaz and @icsleepers , Jhosselyn and I have our winner.

909 snare roll, please.

And, the winner is @Ninjendo !!!
Great track, and a nice vibe!

Thanks again to all who participated!


Okay, I forgot to mention this, but PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR REMIXES. The original track may get signed by a record label, and they wouldn’t appreciate a leak.


Thanks for the reminder haha, I just got done rendering and uploading my remix privately to soundcloud :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grimacing::sweat_smile::joy: