[Grand Prize: Ableton Live] Nick & Jhosselyn - Together


https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2u7pn57eegtliy/Together%20Acapella.wav?dl=0 "

Here’s the vox, for anyone who wants it.


First, @INDIR3CT , I said use at least two, but you may change it up a bit. For example, on the chords, use the same chord progression, except change it from staccato to legato. Aka, lengthen the chords.
The reason I made that rule is because I want all the remixes to sound unique, but have a similar trait to the original.

You may change the sounds, though.
In fact, I didn’t even make this song with Auxy, so I used demo sounds and just inserted the notes into Auxy for everyone to use.

Yeah, I’m one of those people who don’t have premium.


Just asking, why are you putting limits on the creativity?


It’s house music, what did you expect?


Does it matter how long the track goes for?


Because I may get this EP signed, so the labels would want it to be concise.

Update: the contest winners will not be signed, so any genres will do. :slight_smile:


Just had to be longer than 3 minutes.


As per my council, I’m no longer requiring a deep/chill style to enter.
You may make any genre you’d like.


I just wanted to add that it’d make my job as a judge easier if people submitted well labelled WAVs or HQ MP3s.



So, not SoundCloud?


My preference would be to end up with either a single folder of WAVs and MP3s or a single Soundcloud playlist of all submissions.

I would personally prefer lossless WAVs so I can hear your track properly.

I’ll check with Nick.



Yeah, let’s stick to wav.


I’ll give it a go!


aight man i’ll try


oh yeah! getting in on this one now!


Hey, everyone!
The contest is halfway over!
How’s y’all’s remixes coming?


I’m a little less than halfway there


Well, you’ve still got time. :slight_smile:


I’ve been finished but debating on editing or not.


Well, you could give us a listen, and we’ll see. :wink: