[Grand Prize: Ableton Live] Nick & Jhosselyn - Together


Hi, everyone

It’s your friendly neighborhood audio engineer, Nick Elle.

I’ve got a song that I’m releasing with my fiancé, Jhosselyn, called “Together.”
But, I’d like to release it with some remixes, as an EP.
So, I decided to host a remix contest, with a sweet prize!

Are you in?

Here’s the rules:
Keep the key at C minor.
You may change the tempo.
You must use at least 2 of the parts (the bassline, harmonies, or melody) in your remix.
Only use iOS apps to remix, use as many as you like.

Here are the judges:
@icsleepers, @blakkaz, and I will be judging based off of originality, and danceability.

Here is the prize:
Grand prize - Ableton Live Intro (worth $99).

Here is the project:
Nick & Jhosselyn - Together (Remix)

The deadline is February, 2, 2019.
When you finish your remix, DM me with the audio.


Can we change the instruments?


Yes, you can change the instruments.


I’m excited to be a part of this. :sunglasses:

It’s a great track, and a great prize!


Asking another question sorry. Can we use other bass lines and melodies throughout if we keep the originals in it too?


Yes, you may.




Not sure if I wanna join but I just wanna throw it out there that the cover art looks like Gucci Mane’s Evil Genius album, G


Not intentional, but okay.


I really want to do it, but as I have no subscription or the money to pay for it I couldn’t truly make it my own. I want to try though.


Well, I’d love for you to give it a shot. :slight_smile:


since i already have ableton intro can you get me ableton standard lmao




well it was worth a shot


I don’t have subscription, but I can give it a go.




@NickElle you should provide the vocals for us too! That would be super fun. Optional of course :grin:


I’d love to!
But, sharing samples doesn’t work very well with Auxy, so I decided to mix them into the winner’s remix.


Leave that up to me :slight_smile: , all I need is the .wav acapella. Please?


Sure, man.
I’ll send you the vox tonight.