GR3Y - Dance Cult (Birthday Album)

The full album video premieres in less than 4 hours. I would love to see people join the premiere for support.

Track List:

  • Dance Cult
  • Dance Cult (@cursed Remix)
  • Dance Cult (D1STRESSED Remix)
  • Dance Cult (Dylan Jones Remix)
  • Dance Cult (@joelgarcia Remix)
  • Dance Cult (theCRØSSYjosh Remix)
  • Dance Cult (@Tolberto Remix)
  • Dance Cult (@El1011Remix)

Album now on Soundcloud:


ayyy nice. Happy birthday (again) Gr3y!


Dance Cult album now on Spotify.

My remix literally sucks.

I think this dropped just before I joined, so missed it.
@Tolberto’s remix just came up automatically on SC after I’d played my own latest track.

Grey’s original has a really strong, infectious riff. A great track.

Tolberto’s remix… Dayyum! A fantastic remix.
Reminds me of Hudson Mohawke, who I’ve loved since the early LuckyMe mixtape and Butter LP days.

Really great work. Intelligent composition and ideas. Criminally under-played.

I’ll def check out all the other remixes. They’ve got a lot to live up to :wink:


Thanks man! I I also think everyone should check out the original and the other remixes, everyone put their own unique spin on it.

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my remix sucks…

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