Goxenar [WIP, Project] - Sounds like “Fireflies” by Owl City


The more I worked on this project, the more I found it sounded like “Fireflies” by Owl City. :joy::skull: am I wrong?



What is the god of Auxy dubstep doing working on future bass?!?! :skull: :joy:


Lol thanks :joy::skull: but You see, what happened was… I’ve been trying to step out a bit from my comfort. I got sum tings cumin’


“You would not believe your eyes” reading that goxenar made this. :joy::sweat_smile: It sounded great man! Can’t wait to hear the finished track!


thank you man! I’ma make some adjustments, I might change it all since the similarity to “Fireflies” is so close.


joining the pantheon


Bro. Really man? That was only part of the produk-bass cult initiation.

I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about ladies and gentlemen. :flushed:


Looking at the thumbnail of that music video, I hope he doesn’t have back problems…


Not even gonna lie. I had NEVER seen the music video… and man, I thought the same thing when I watched it.


love owl city


lol i can do that too. I have a really long neck


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