Goxenar’s YouTube account


Hey there, Auxians. I just wanted announce that I officially made a Youtube account. I have gotten an insane amount of support from all of you, and I say insane because I remember when getting 100 plays was a possibility in a matter of months. But because of all of you and the support you all have given me, I’ve grown a lot. Thank you… so much, to each and every one of you.


Most recent post!

I’ll be posting every release on my YouTube account, (remixes, singles, etc) — (remixes according to the owner though.)

I humbly ask for support on my Youtube account as much as I have seen on my SoundCloud. We all have dreams and expanding my reachability towards society is one of my dreams. Help me make it happen!


Subscribed! I think. I’m not so good at this YouTube thing.

Great track btw, still amazing how much legit dubstep you squeeze out of this app.


Thanks for subscribing!

Thanks man! just make sure to drop lenberg a hint to make “disturbing leads 2” :skull::joy:


AMAZING remix, I must say!


Cross fingers, pray to little shrine, throw coins in fountain, do a rain dance - whatever needs to be done - maybe it’ll be even better!


Well thanks to you as well my friend!


Subbed. I actually might make a yt.


Safe to say that’d be a day I cry in excitement. Imagine… the possibility of making a wet, vox, growl in Auxy to your own taste? (Other than the ones we can already make.) Man… the thought of that.

To be fair, I feel like Auxy can and will be the future of music production. Computers? They’re going to get old fashioned and music producers will start using a touch screen to produce hits.(just my opinion though.)


There are many, many, many people who have completely abandoned the conventional desktop DAW setup and have fully embraced mobile, and are doing songs we’ve heard on the radio :slight_smile:

Myself included. Minus the radio part lol. Mobile is a very, very capable platform, more specifically iOS


Exactly man! Just give me a bit, you’ll hear one of my singles on the radio. Promise.

That’s exactly why I don’t give up on Auxy. (Not that there’s much of a reason to anyway.)

I’ve always loved music, and one day I began to mess around with instruments. From there I wanted to produce my own music, but was so incredibly broke… (yes, laugh.) I sat for hours searching for way I could produce music, found various applications and then I came across the old Auxy. (You emember that? :skull::joy:.) It opened SO many doors for me, it helped me become who I am today. So I’m sticking with Auxy because soon enough, it’ll be so up there, it’ll be the new FL studio. (Please… plug-ins.)

But enough of that. Didn’t mean to go off track.