Goxenar remixes [Playlist]

In this playlist, you’ll be able to listen to nothing but all my Auxy made remixes. Enjoy!


My top favorite remixes are Alex Lambert’s “Pluto” Blackocean’s “Crimson” and Moemx’s “Fragment.”

What are YOUR favorites?


You’re insane. These are amazing. Haven’t gotten to listening all of them, but Whatever I’ve listened to so far is great.

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Me totally misunderstanding the point of this post!

My best remix? Beyond any doubt it was my remix of Headphones Advised by @Produk. I absolutely love this song and I tried something completely different with it. I’m proud of it.

There’s also my trilogy of epic remixes, including hits from @Produk, @aUstin_Haga, HAYW1R3 DUØ, and @Akyut.

All my remixes in general, sans my epic remixes, are in this playlist because there’s a different style involved between my epic mixes and my other mixes. These are in oldest to newest, so some of the quality isn’t as good on the older ones as the current ones.

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I think Gox asked which one you liked best from the playlist…

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Oh. Well, my favorite was his remix of Dream Within A Dream xD sorry @Goxenar

That means a lot man, thanks! Any favorites?

Interesting choice, why so?

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It’s a beautiful song and I didn’t think it would even really work as a remix in general due to its vocal nature. But you proved me wrong! Fantastic work

When I first heard it, I already felt a great remix. The song itself is great, I just really wanted to add a little bit of my taste to it. When IVO released the Remix contests I was so excited!

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Same! You did a fantastic job man, you’re gonna be hitting big soon beyond any doubt ^w^

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God I hope so, I want to positively impact everyone I can with my music!


Any favorites.

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