Goxenar - New Wave [DUBSTEP/BROSTEP]


I’d love some education on the subject. It’s my understanding dubstep grew out of the dub from the 70’s and 80’s, which also fed jungle and drum and bass. Skrillex for example, is more of the brostep style (I know people use it as a pejorative, I personally don’t) and less related to the “dub” of yesteryear.

Yay, nay? Always been something I wondered…


Skrillex is known as the “innovator of dubstep.” I personally officially knew of dubstep due to his popularity. Once I heard it, I just fell in love with it. Crazy variations of sound, sometimes funny lyrics/samples, you just never know what’s coming until it drops.

But you’ve got the storyline quite on the spot.


Yeah I’m in the same boat, I never heard dub/brostep until Skrillex. I’d bet a lot of people are probably in the same fold, I just know A LOT of people slag on him. I don’t really get why, but whatever. I guess cause maybe the sound isn’t very dubby, but again, that’s where the brostep label comes in (and it’s not a bad thing it’s just different).

Anyway here I am derailing your song thread I’m sorry!!



Great job man!


Thank you! That means a lot, you didn’t ask for ducker. :joy::joy:


No worries! It’s within the dubstep category so we’re okay! :joy:


Ducker is just a personal preference for some people :stuck_out_tongue: A track is fine with, or without it :slight_smile:


In this one, ducker wasn’t an option for sure :joy:


Well then, the track is as perfect as It can get!


Yes sir, it is!


Yep, but just teasing. :slight_smile:

(Dubstep is not something I listen to, at least not since the early stuff, like Burial, Horsepower Productions, etc… but that’s a very different sound, even to the style you’re getting behind.)


That’s most certainly correct, you’re right. Well, regardless, let me correct myself; the REAL dubstep of 2010-2013 :joy: better?


Since this wouldn’t be termed as dubstep that is known today, what would it be called? @Goxenar


How about… Goxy? :roll_eyes:


Goxy was a surprise but I think I would prefer something like neo-dubstep (and if I dare say so,) neostep. or maybe Geostep lol since this is probably suited to your style and is unique in that way


If it’s referencing a past form of dubstep, is ‘neo’ the right way to express it?


See; the “step” part truly attempts to be far too similar to “dubstep.” There are already a lot of sub-genres under “Dubstep.” Don’t you think?




Where mah Flux Capacitor at?!


Soooo good.