Goxenar - New Wave [DUBSTEP/BROSTEP]


I love dubstep very much, but I mean real dubstep. Not today’s dubstep. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Support in the community is always good! :drooling_face: (I used a bit of garageband for vocals.)


FEEDBACK is ALWAYS appreciated!


1 MAJOR complaint. PUT DUCKER ON THE BASSSSSSS otherwise p good


See, I tried that, but it really cut off the major point of the dubstep track. It would literally cut the song in half.


Like it, would cut the rest of the song too much, so I just put a small amount of ducker and liked the way it sounded.


This is pretty cool! I have to agree with everyone about how you should have put ducker on the bass. It does sound fine without it though.


Trust me, it cut off the rest of the song far too much.


Anyone else? Feedback? :roll_eyes:


I liked it, you really captured the dubstep-y feel. Good use of the imported vocals :ok_hand:t3:

Maybe try changing up the drum pattern in some parts, it sounds a bit repititive in some parts, but overall it was good.


It was my first dubstep song made through Auxy, I’ll make sure to add variation next time I make another one.


Thank you for the feedback!


I noticed that a lot of people recommended ducker on the drop, should I just delete it and add the ducker?


I love how a dubstep song is called new wave haha.

imo, I would not add the ducker on your bass. The point of the growling bass is to ride the automations, which you did. It’s supposed to be off beat (the filtering), having it get ducked by the kick is going to chop the sh!t out of the sound. Bass front and center always. This is the BROSTEP way.

Awesome sampling and also, I love the breath sound little details like that pique my interest :smiley:

So you have one vote at least for no ducker


I appreciate that, I agree with your statement. Ducker works perfectly fine when you have a constant kick, or maybe a simply kick with a snare half a bar in, but in dubstep, it literally cut the song in half. I promise.


I’ll go with the brostep way :joy::joy:


No I know, been there. Honestly, I only use the ducker as an effect, and even then rarely cause I feel like if I wanted a gating type effect I’d just automate the volume. The ducker TOTALLY has its place in certain kinds of music, I just don’t think it’s really needed in dubstep/brostep


I love how it’s referred to as “real dubstep. Not like today’s dubstep.”

…as if Burial was never a thing. :wink:


Ahhh dude, thank you so much for this link this is great. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of Burial :frowning: but this is amazing. How the fricc writing music in Soundforge, jesus… ULTRA SKILL. It’s like thinking about how Squarepusher and all the really early IDM pioneers were using reel to reel tape, or Coldcut. Ugh. That’s real skills man…


I agree, once again. I definitely tried to use the ducker, but that did not work so well. I chose to lower the volume a bit for the bass.


Was that supposed to be sarcastic! :disappointed::disappointed:


All jokes aside, I do believe the old dubstep has been distanced. That’s why so many people believe “dubstep” is dead. When in reality, dubstep isn’t dead it’s just a new form of dubstep, NOT NEW WAVE, new form of dubstep.

I’m here to hopefully make that change, I want to bring back the dubstep most of us grew to love but ended up disliking a bit.