Good Intent - Andrew Young


I used a lot of instruments and automation for this track. They include Journey from The Sound of Vivrant for the pad, Parsley from Pluck Pluck Go, Vapor from Destiny, and Glare from Destiny. For the drums, I used Globe, and for the bass, I used Promenade from Retrofit. I even added some melodic percussion, and that is Coconut.



it was really difficult for me to pinpoint which direction the song was heading. The main lead you used for the track didn’t match the tone of the chords. The whole melody felt completely off by the lack of harmony between those two. These minor issues can be changed by playing notes that go good with the chords & main bassline. And also don’t be afraid to change up the main beat by adding some instruments or even effects. With a little work I feel like your next track can reach its best potential :slightly_smiling_face:



I like how you list out the instruments you use!