Glowing Days - Morgan [House, EDM]


Gosh, I really liked this one.

The piano and vocal stabs were top class.
I’d happily play this at the start of a set**.

I must admit though, I wasn’t a fan of the ‘tape-stop’ effect. I felt it was a little too frequent, and I was consciously waiting for it…

A small complaint though. :ok_hand:

** sidenote: I notice very few people making longer DJ edits, might be worth considering?

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@blakkaz , thanks so much man! I really appreciate the feedback, in both ways. I’ll definitely take that into consideration about the tape-stop effect. It was one of those things where I created that first, and then over time might have become a little immune to it :grinning: It’s good to have some feedback with fresh ears. I’m glad you like it overall though!

I’m actually a HUGE fan of full-length dj edits. Live sets are a big part of why I love electronic music in the first place. I often make “preview” length tracks becasue of the different demographic in the Auxy community, where many users are younger and unfamiliar with that side of things, and that whole art form. It’s really encouraging to hear you are into that. I might just make a full length version now :grinning:

Agreed. Live sets are the heartbeat of the entire scene.

I felt it was mentioning because, as you said, this is quite a young community.

Soundcloud likes and Spotify plays are great if you make pop music, but for those making club music, the real test is on the dancefloor.

I see no reason why aspiring producers don’t make all their tracks downloadable either.
Get that stuff played!

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To be fair, I was listening with a critical ear.

It might be different in another context, but I thought it was worth mentioning. :grinning:

Me too. You got a new follower!

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Ah, @MisterMaster, thanks! It’s an honor!

Yeah, for sure. I really appriciate it. Although it’s never fun to get critiques on points of improvement, it’s one of the most helpful ways to get better and write good stuff. Sometimes I’m confused why people don’t like a certain song I write, and kind of wish they would just tell me. In any case, I went back and made a change that I like a bit better :sunglasses:

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Damn!! This is SO good! :weary: @Morgen does it again. You definitely have a knack for creating catchy tunes my dude. Loved this track! Liked and re-posted.

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@darwinmcd, thank you! I really appreciate it!

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