Glacial pack, anyone? (Thoughts?)


Just discovered this sick ambient drum pack and didn’t see a topic for it. Whaddaya guys think?


Ya beat meh to it!


I checked out the demo, I like what I hear so far.


It seems cool, idk what to do with it yet tho


Interesting to say the least. Very specific in terms of application, yet definitely versatile enough to cover different usages. These sort of offerings certainly seem to be a good step as well, as they most likely are a lot easier to obtain compared to blackoctopus’s huge and massive libraries.




This is right up my alley. Right off the bat I’m thinking Massive Attack / Tricky / Portishead.


Ooooh nice ideas


omg this is just what i wanted. they’re gonna be pretty useful in a song i’m working on :wink:


This pack is so “cool”!

Sadly it made my Ipad “freeze”

Lol I’m so funny yall…

Gosh I really need friends…


Actually those are sum pretty nice sounds. I was just listening to some Imagined Herbal Flows and he uses a lot of percussive type stuff which is kinda similar to this


Fun. I used these in my latest track and they fit fairly well.


Don’t worry we still love you


Thanks my dude, love y’all too!

No homo, Love y’all as producers :wink:


It’s because you got socks @INDIR3CT.
But On a real note, these are some pretty cool drums.
I made a thing with it.


Can’t wait to see what @GlacialViper has to say about this pack

Lol y’know I really got them skills when I can pull a person into a pun lets go yall

And yes… it is because I have socks @XLXK


Alright, here’s me acting seriously… Yall probs thinking - “Pshhh in what universe”
This pack is really nice, Its very small and sweet. Many of the sounds I can see being incorporated into various genres, and I’m mostly looking forward to using the sounds as fills, instead of using all the sounds as drums themselves. Looking forward to how you producers will use this pack!


They be extra neato


glacial says:


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