Give your thanks to the community!


I forgot to thank @Aqua for all the support he has given me :stuck_out_tongue:


No prob man, you deserve it. Your music is fire :fire:


thanks bro


Y’all lit


Absolutely my dude


Dear Auxy,
On this day, last year ago, 13 December 2017 has changed my whole entire life. Ok so here’s a little story about how I found Auxy. I always used to listen to old country, pop songs. But on 17 November 2017, I downloaded Soundcloud. I was just scrolling down, searching for some reggae music but I found a little playlist for EDM. I thought what the hell is EDM?? Then I got a little bit sneaky and played a song. It was DJ Snake-Turn down for what. I was shocked how he made that!! That 808 Bass shocked me. I thought did he used a electric guitar bass? Then I quickly searched on YouTube “What is EDM”
There were a lot of videos about EDM. Then I searched “EDM tutorial”. It took me about a month to learn the basics on how to make EDM. But the real problem was I loved FL Studio. But that was out of my budget. I downloaded 6 music making apps. But they were useless. But on 13 December 2017, I found Auxy! I downloaded it and really enjoyed it. Also I wanna thank @DJ_La_Rocca for helping with his tutorials.
I just wanna thank everyone in Auxy Community for supporting me
- ArGee