Give your thanks to the community!


I’m thankful for all the artists here who’ve made such amazing, inspiring music. It’s kept me going for the last year.


I thank the community, for all that the community has done for all of us, the members of the community.


i’m thankful for the developers… i’m also thankful for some very talented producers such as:
@Ekstrak (Ekstray)
and of course @vectr


I’m thankful for the developers of course,
I’m also thankful for

and a lot of other people…

everyone on the auxy disco has been extremely supportive of me and my music, and they also inspire me a ton.


thonx @Hexx @Cornea @Xiejra


@Insolidarity thank you man. You too


thanos @Aqua @Thrashie @Xiejra and pretty much everyone in the mega collab
Big thanos to Auxy and the whole community too cuz no way I would’ve started making music without yalls


This post is quite late, but I feel like it’s important to say nonetheless.

I know that some may view my opinion on Auxy as negative and unwarranted, but I still love this app and this community. I tend to get harsh and bitter sometimes and frustrated at things that I wish I could have more of a say in. Because Auxy gave me the gift of writing music, and I want the best for it and I see so much potential through it. With that being said, I’ve done my best to not be as negatively critical as I have been, and hopefully it’s started making some sort of difference.

I am heavily thankful for all the friends I have made within the last year and a half, some familiar here and some unfamiliar here. Even those of you that have been at odds with me (or vice versa), I am glad to have met you all. Each one of you continues to inspire me to continue even when I feel so heavily discouraged and beaten down.

I know that my opinions and beliefs on Auxy aren’t always wanted, but I just hope that people understand they come from a good place at the very least.



Thanks for thanking me


Thank you so much
@Mr_Mooo for being so supportive and so AWESOME!!
@AnirudhKhanna for being a great collab partner and with cool ideas to inspire others as well!
And everyone else on the forum for being cool and understanding with what I put here! Thank you to the devs for creating this awesome app and forum!


Thanks Buddy


Thank you so much to everybody in the community for being so supportive and kind, and inspiring me with your amazing music

A special thanks to:


Thx for including me :grin: I really appreciate it. I’m thankful for you as well :slightly_smiling_face:




Big thanks to @Hum4n01d and @Mr_Mooo for being my first ever fans and supporting me a lot. Also thanks to @Graye and @OsharuPerez for both being awesome collab partners and supportive! @DJ_La_Rocca has been a big inspiration for me. @Hexx really broadened my perspective on different genres regarding vocals when we did our collab together. @Cornea I have to thank for checking out my music when nobody else did. @TheRealJFalc I also can thank for also broadening my genre reach with our dark trap collab. I think now because of you guys, I can actually grow. In fact I think I now have a solid standing, and I will make better music as I grow.


Of course dude! We all recognize that! I’m just the same way, I just don’t show it as much…


It’s bit late but time to repost this thing I guess

Thanks auxy


That’s actually pretty cool


I’m actually thankful for your assertiveness in this community. I think you are an integral part of the structure here and you help keep this place alive. Thanks @TheRealJFalc


The only way I can share my love is editing meme images
My love is not acceptable now a days, but I still love Auxy and this community.