Gijs.i vol. 1 Sound Pack


Hey guys, the Auxy Beta added a new melodic sampler feature and I made a custom made lo-fi/jazzy/bedroom pop styled sound pack for it. If you want a preview song using some of the sounds click here.

The sound pack has 3 basses, 5 chord sounds, and 3 melody sounds.

Project link (to start using it right away)
Download (for adding it to your library)


Really cool - might I suggest just building out a project in Auxy and then sharing that? Everything will be put together already instead of needing to crack open zip files, save and import samples etc.

You can export a project with samples, or sharing project link also includes samples.

This is awesome though and exactly what’s so exciting about something like the new sampler

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Thanks! I didn’t know you could do that, so I’m going to change that download link soon. But yeah, the sampler is definitely a game changer.

But can you add it to your own library from there?

You wouldn’t be able to, no :frowning: but you can always copy instruments out of a project and into another. There’s definitely merit to both methods haha

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Yeah I added a project link and download for both cases.

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I’m only kinda understanding what the new feature does (I’ve not been grabbing the betas).

Sounds like an exciting new feature if it’s now possible for users to produce sample-based, instrument type sound packs. :+1:

I’m looking forward to getting deep into producing with it, but also sharing some packs myself. :+1:

I’ll definitely be grabbing this sound pack when the update officially drops.

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Yeah having essentially an unlimited amount of instruments now is really exciting. Real game changer here.

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was skeptical about how seamless custom sounds would be but i mean this is really very good!
played around a bit and the sounds are very at home within auxy
nice stuff :+1:
ps: what did you make the sounds with? did you import them from a preset made in a vst?

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Damn bro this slaps! I made the sounds completely from scratch using Serum and Sylenth1 in FL Studio. I just rendered 4 bars of the sound at 123bpm (because it is the most average tempo) without reverb as a .wav file.

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