Get Your Wish - Porter Robinson Remake
Lemme know what you guys think. I just pulled it together recently after hearing his new track because honestly the more I listen to it the more I like it.


yo this is so sick!!

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This is amazing! Lovely recreation of the song, Get your wish was an absolute banger

I love this remake so much!

It got me like:
So TeLl Me HoW It FeLt WhEn YoU WaLkEd On WaTeR
DiD YoU GeT YoUr WiSh
FlOaTiNg ThRoUhH ThE SuRfAcE
QuIcKeR ThAn YoU SaNk
IdOl IdOl

It was absolutely brilliant

WOAAAAAAAAAH!!! This is awesome!

I have absolutely no idea how you worked out these chords

That’s awesome

Sorry for the revive buuuut… Thank you for making this! I can finally remix one of my favorite Porter Robinson songs!