Get featured on an Epic Playlist. if you want to idk

hey guys, i have a huge playlist on Spotify with like 75 tracks from my favorite Auxy producers. If you would like to get featured, feel free to hit me up. I have almost no followers, so it most likely won’t get any huge publicity of anything.

You can find it in my bio, or right here.

stay safe y’all!

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Hello ! this is what I am looking for.
I have a new track that is released 01.10.20 on spotify. you can check it out on soundcloud and see if you like it

(And since you know about playlists, do yo uknow how to get featured on the auxy soundcloud list ?)

best regards Track Taylor

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So in my experience ive never gotten featured on Auxys own soundcloud, and they really havent been active for a while :joy:. But ill check your music out, and give it a shout-out when it drops!

Tnx man! I appreciate it. But only if you like it…:sunglasses:

fre. 11. sep. 2020, 15:50 skrev Vincent McG via Auxy Disco <>:

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Auxy is my little dirty secret… some of the sounds in there… wow… and all thoose kickdrums? They are super clean. :rofl: check out the acoustic kicks 12 trough 16. Some serious punch there…

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