GENRES: ___Overview___

I’ve just created a bunch of GENRE specific threads, so that people who enjoy a specific type of music can discuss it and share their tracks, techniques and influences. It will be interesting to see which genre’s get the most views / discussion.

If you want to discuss a genre that has no thread, you’re welcome to create one in the Music Production Category.

  • Ensure there’s not a thread for that genre already.
  • Use the same title layout / first post details as the House Genre thread.
  • Add the link below by clicking the EDIT button on this post. If you are a new member and can’t see the EDIT button, post in this topic asking if anyone else wants to add it for you.

GENRE Threads: (Alphabetical order): -


um where is Pirate Metal I’m triggered


Oh lord.


Hope these threads don’t devolve into genre wars lol


They might. It’s a bit of an experiment to see if genre threads are useful.


I think it’s a terrific idea.

Could we please add a __ Techno __ category?
I think it might also be a good idea to separate House from EDM.

edit: Just read the first post properly. I’ll do it myself :smiley:


Yeah man, go for it!

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Given the description:

Are these new threads the preferred place rather than [Thread] Post writing and production tips (links & embeds only) for genre specific tutorial videos?

The thread was meant to be broad strokes, a mixed back of info that’s generally useful across writing,
production, marketing/promotion, etc…

There is probably value in having a genre-specific version of that thread pinned at the top of each genre category, for writing and production info that is very genre-specific.

Hopefully, as the genre threads get traction and use, the value of such pinned threads will continue to increase.

If someone wants to get a good bunch of links/reading purely on (e.g.) techno production, etc…, it’s worth having that in one place, rather than spread throughout posts in that genre category - or having to manually trawl through the ‘Post writing and production tips’ thread.


Aah, I misunderstood and just realised these are genre ‘threads’. I’d thought/assumed they were sub-categories.

It really seems like something that would work better as sub-categories. The amount of overlapping conversations that will happen in a single thread will likely make conversations about specific tracks hard to follow.

Q: Why not use sub-categories?

Not sure this is new approach is the best way forward, but as you say, it’s an experiment - and people can still create a new thread if they prefer.

Still, I’d strongly urge you to look at implementing/enabling sub-categories.

My interpretation was that new threads are for general discussion of genre, as opposed to individual tracks…?

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From the opening post…

(Emphasis added)

I think the original post has changed in the past few hours…?
I’m pretty sure it once stated that we should still use the “Finished Tracks” and “Work in Progress” threads?


The individual genre threads say:

Please paste your finished House tracks in the #Tracks category so all the tracks are in one location, but you can post a link to that topic from here if you want.

Hmmm. I imagine that will only add noise to ‘GENRE: …’ threads aimed at discussing genre-specific techniques etc…

I suspect ‘new track’ posts linking back to ‘new track’ threads will quickly outnumber and dominate the ‘GENRE: …’ threads.

(I still think sub-categories are the way to go, though enabling Tags would be a good start.

‘GENRE: …’ threads should ideally be pinned. The downside, under the current model, is that it could lead to the Category having a battery of GENRE: … threads at the top, pushing down actual new threads.

The way to avoid it would be sub-categories.

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I’d prefer to keep the new threads focussed on general discussion of genre/labels/artists mixed with production tips.

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This is really nice - thanks for that category @MisterMaster - im sure this is about to boost quality and professionalize our work a lot.

This forum is getting better and better :pray:t3::unicorn:


Hey guys, to answer a few of the recent questions:

I purposely didn’t answer this, because I figured AKA would respond and I wasn’t sure of the best way to handle it. :sweat_smile:

A seperate Genre Category was proposed, but we weren’t sure how popular it would be. I created these Genre threads to test the waters a bit. We did a quick test of sub-categories but it added to the complexity of posting in the right place and browsing. Nothing’s set in concrete and Lenberg will probably make further changes over time. He wants good music / Auxy related discussions in the forum and isn’t scared to make changes to achieve that. We’ve made quite a few changes recently and will see how it goes.

Tags were also discussed as they initially seemed like an ideal way to handle genre specific posts. But after reviewing other forums with tags, it was decided to stay with the simpler category approach for now.

We can tweak that over time if it’s a problem. The immediate aim was to ensure that people didn’t dump tracks in the Genre or Music Production thread, because all tracks go into #wip and #tracks categories. Also, wanted to generate enough interest in Genre’s to justify a possible future category.

Thanks Moemx. Ivo, Lenberg and I have been discussing the forum and I think we’re all pleased that discussion about music has increased. Removing the forum games and meme thread etc was discussed for a while, but seems to have been a good decision. Better to talk about music, than trying to write three word responses to the previous poster etc. This is a music forum after all.


Seems to be useful for genre-specific stuff because of all the links, (edit) so let’s bring it back!

The actually helpful things you can find when you search “Meme thread”

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just added Synthwave up there so there

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