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Where should we start XD?

Perhaps by discussing what “Trap” music is, because sometimes people either don’t know a genre or have different views?


-casually links FrankJavCee’s video on how to make trap music-

Oh right that may not be disco appropriate.

View at your own risk

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As you know I produce future bass and I feel like I’m losing inspiration from it so I want to venture out and explore trap

Has anyone got any tips
Ik a few things, like how to make the trap key n stuff but ye I’m not so good

Help :sweat_smile:


Yes, got tons of tips n tricks

  1. Make sure to get that loud sub bass and side chain everything to it (using the kick ducker)

  2. Put a LOT, I mean a LOT of triplet hi-hats

  3. Put a Snareclap on every third beat

  4. Vary your kick patterns to match your sub bass

  5. Listen to lots of trap songs to find that perfect trap snareclap

  6. Focus on the beat and less on the melodics

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Listen to other people’s trap and find how to make a good baseline.


Bass matters just as much as melody.


Here, examine this.

(We can also collab on it if you’d like)

This is just trap drums over a very basic piano melody


Don’t forget the bass! Also remember reverb, and ducker. I added all that to the project here:
Also took the pitch automation off of everything except he hi-hats, and added a snare roll. Just some small things that can help it sound better


808 bass & Dollar & Whack drum kit

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I’d love to collab

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@Pinewoodog @Aqzi @Xicon @Lucas @kiP

Did I do it right? :sweat_smile:
It’s not even the type of trap I wanna make :joy:


Well you did it right. Do you have some sort of example of what kind of trap you’d like to make

Like hopex have you heard of him?

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Or something like trap nation

Schnope but I can look him up

Search hopex - bang dem

That’s a good example

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You made trap but more of a rapping trap song

I can help you with heavy trap like trap nation if you want

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