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One of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do in school was a paper on the birth of Detroit techno and the Belleville Three.

It was for an African American lit class in college, the professor was really cool she really let the reigns go on this one and I got to bring in examples and explain the history I was able to learn about it over the course of a couple months (by no means comprehensive lol). Best and most fun paper I’ve ever written, hands down. Very inspiring to go through the history of it

We had to present and I brought in songs for the class to listen to also. I think I brought in Strings of Life, I wish I could remember what else… this was awhile ago :confused:


An all-time classic!

and worthy of a repost…


This is probably NOT only limited to Techno, holistically, but I can see how it’s definitely a shoe in for the genre -

Just read through the article, not the first I’ve seen of a “live coding” environment. Kind of reminds me of a tracker in a way, but that might just be the input method (a typing KEYBOARD, rather than musical).

I tried out of one these, it was a web based application. I think CDM had also posted about it but I forgot what it’s called. It was interesting to be able to type out musical ideas in a language and loop, independent of a traditional time line or other “normal” DAW paradigms.

EDIT: I lied, it’s not browser based it’s an app called Sonic Pi -> - for anyone wanting to take a peek and dabble. Not my cup of tea but one of the more interesting things I’ve seen in the last couple of years


I got quite into it a few years back.
Gave Sonic Pi, Overtone and Tidal (my fav) a go.

Not sure why I stopped actually…


Ahhhh so, I’ll preface this by saying it’s a bit of a stretch for techno, buuuut, it’s pretty awesome and share worthy. A great example of acoustic instruments being used to play electronic songs!

Care of posting on the Audiobus Forum. Reminds me how much I love The Prodigy.



Favorite Electro artist for me is F.O.O.L
(Apologies for what the actual acronym means)
(Favorite track)


Yes. Please… as long as you’re not fake about it…:upside_down_face:


I would love to see someone make a tutorial on prodigy style music.


See also Acoustica, a classical orchestra playing Aphex Twin.


Doesn’t sound any different to some of the stuff I was clubbing to in Brighton, 25 years ago.


Define “fake about it”?


I’m going to assume they mean…

Handled like someone with an authentic understanding and appreciation of the genre, its characteristics and its nuances based on spending many, many hours listening to mainstream as well as underground tracks – as opposed to a superficial understanding based on a few minutes listening to a few reference tracks.

Done by an ‘insider’ as opposed to done by an ‘outsider’.

That’s my guess.


I just meant like they were saying up there… as a tutorial maker you need to know your stuff and I really do trust that you would do sufficient research :smile::sweat_smile:




OK, so I’ve (very) recently put together a very early sketch for a minimal techno track…
…and it got me wondering about techno, especially minimal techno*, within the Auxy crowd.

So, let’s hear it.

(* Not minimal house, tech-house, electro house, etc…)


We gonna hear it?