GENRE: ___Techno & Electro___


Still, I’d maybe leave it for someone who’s spent more time appreciating and understanding the genre.

Just my opinion.


Yeah I’d agree. But I can certainly teach the baiscs. I pick up fast.


Maybe it’s worth getting some input from @blakkaz. He may be able to point you to certain characteristics worth focusing on (for beginners) in the tutorial.


I can just listen to some techno songs and pick it up from there. That’s how I usually pick up on things. I’m good aurally


I’m happy to point you in the direction of (what I consider) some good examples.


It’s all good. I’m happy to listen freely but point out ur favourites.


No problem.

I won’t impose my tastes on you. :wink:


I like ur feedback on my music lol. Just wanted to say thanks for eveeytime u do lol


Nah, bro, don’t do Techno.
It would be just like me wearing an African outfit to watch the Black Panther: fake.



Happening now: are streaming Time Warp festival. or


Pitchfork’s 'Best New Track’

I love this guy. Consistently produces forward thinking techno.
New album ‘Compro’ drops on the 5th. A preview can be heard here.


“There are lots of really interesting producers crossing the boundaries between techno and drum & bass at the moment and I really wanted to show how good these guys are.”


GENRE: ___Drum & Bass___

Quality selection there.

:+1: :+1:


DJ Koze’s new album’s out:


Couple of cracking (2hr) mixes from Midland.
Well worth checking out.

Midland - 25th April 2018 (NTS Radio)
Midland - Essential Mix - 20.02.16 [Radio Free Edit]


I’m a huge fan of Midland. :+1:

Although I mostly associate him with house and disco.

He was the subject of Resident Advisor’s most recent Between The Beats series.


I didn’t really know about the guy. (I don’t really follow DJs much.)

An associate played a couple of his mixes (the two linked) recently and I thought they were cracking.

I’ll be looking out for more. :+1:


Veronica Vasicka Techno Mix | Boiler Room BUDx Santiago

If you’re a fan of new wave, synth pop or post punk, I highly recommend checking out Veronica’s label Minimal Wave. Quality stuff.


Here’s some legends in the game, especially for doing Live PA, rather than DJing: