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LOL. I like the way it’s called “English version”… coz that don’t sound like English!

Need IVO to do a voiceover!

UPDATE: Oh… there’s english in there too!!



I don’t understand Discourse… This is a complete thought.


I’d like to open this thread up to Electro as well.

:robot: :musical_note:


(not sure if you’re even here anymore…but ik techno is like your thing so here u go)


Not exactly, It’s trance


HUGE (Trance heads will get that pun) difference.



I’m actually rewriting one of my older sketches as a ‘vintage’ electro / techno piece – though ‘vintage’ in the sense of electro if it had been from the early-mid '70s, instead. Blending synth lines with acoustic elements, maybe a real bass guitar on bass duties. :man_shrugging:

Think Bernard Fevre / Black Devil Disco Club, but doubling-down on the techno influence.

Not sure where it will end up, but enjoying the journey.


Is Electro really close enough to Techno?

When I think Electro, I think fun, outgoing beats with a funky vibe.
You know, Afrika Bambaataa.

But Techno, I think heavy, hard hitting, robotic beats, with a lot of groove.


If we’re talking Detroit Electro (Underground Resistance, DJ Stingray, Drexciya, Aux 88, Dopplereffekt) then I think definitely!

Also, I didn’t think it would generate enough interest to sustain it’s own thread…


Fwiw, they’re the same genre to me…


Afrika Bambaataa (among others) was the inspiration behind the Belleville Three creating Techno.

Speak with any of Detroit techno’s early wave guys, and you’ll hear many strongly held ideas as to what techno – and music – can be. Influenced by Kraftwerk, Electro, Bambaataa, Italo disco, George Clinton, new wave, and post-disco boogie…


Ah, cool.


Ah! I watched this! Very interesting (especially since I’ve been exploring the club scene in Berlin firsthand).


The best hour of techno you’ll hear this week. (probably)


Should I make a tutorial on techno?


Is it a genre you know much about? If yes, then sure. If not, then, imo…


Not particularly but I could study it :slight_smile: