GENRE: __Synthwave__


Too mainstream for me


What does that even mean, it’s synthwave which I sent inherently non mainstream :joy:


I was referring to @Dj_Peloton when he said he loves Home. Home is too mainstream for me

This is a hipster joke! Please don’t take it seriously


I know
and I know :upside_down_face: :joy:


Can someone DEFINE synth wave for me?


Google can.


What’s your deal? Why are you so snarky to people? They were just asking for help from the community. That specific question is exactly what this thread is for. You’re a great producer @stereofield and a great dude most of the time but you come across as rude sometimes.


Synthwave is the musical movement that began in the early 2000s that glorifies the retrofuturism of the 1980s and is supposed to sound alien or futuristic/sci-If (from an 80s perspective). It has many sub genres and is diverse in its sound but still portrays a distinct style.


The name and current ‘movement’ might be relatively new, but the music has been around since at least the 70s.


I would say it was around since synths were a thing…maybe. I mean, it is called Synthwave.


Hey @Insolidarity is this Synthwave or Chillwave?


Well it’s both because chillwave is a sub of synthwave but it’s distinctive in the chords to be chill. It’s just a little loud (I’d recommend turning down the chordal volume and other parts to accentuate the background) but yeah it’s chillwave


Thanks for the feedback! It’s very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:




I love how this thread is pretty much just phlector and inso nerding out about synthwave




I actually am starting to use FL and I’mma make some sweet chillwave




FL*** I meant


I can’t help it :upside_down_face:
Synthwave is just so good!