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Chat with others who like this genre about:

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Please post your finished Synthwave tracks in the #tracks so all the tracks are in one location, but you can post a link to that topic from here if you want.

Kayasho - 198X [SYNTHWAVE?]:soundcloud:

Favorite Synthwave artist hands down is F.O.O.L

But Danger is also a close second


Nice! I’ve gotten into The Midnight recently and have always been a fan of HOME especially because of Resonance. Some cool Synth Rock exists too and TWRP and NSP do a good job representing that section of the genre


PYLOT makes pretty cool stuff as well


Tokyo Rose and Timecop1983 are amazing


ye. it’s been forever since they released tho.


OK guys it’s been awhile but I’m reviving this. I made a playlist of some of my stuff and some of my favorite stuff and it’s being constantly added to so here:



Huh, that’s odd. I don’t see Speed Boat Theme by Arcis or Thrift Shopping on your playlist. Arcis is a very good Synthwave artist! Speed Boat Theme is probably my favorite track from Arcis


I’ll add those asap


Are you now a fan of Arcis?


Yeah indeed my friend




How could I forget about MoTER? MoTER was one of the very first artists I listened to on SoundCloud. Here are my top favorites from MoTER
Homefinder (Probably my favorite track from his earlier work.)

Not sure if this counts as Synthwave, but it’s still an awesome track and deserves more attention!
JEt by MoTER (My personal favorite from his newest EP.)

Also, here’s part of Thrift Shopping


@Insolidarity I am so sorry if I’m spamming so many songs at you! I just keep remembering more artist and song.


thats alright @Plhector

everyone in this thread would love


Isn’t it weird that the only Synthwave I have listened to (ever) is Fantom’s songs and Home - Resonance?




Show me this track you speak of!



You haven’t even heard the Stranger Things theme?