GENRE: __Reggaeton Pop__

Hey everyone!
In this thread we talk about Reggaton pop!
Popular songs like “Despacito” have a pop feel but most people would refer the the genre Reggaeton pop.
This genre has a lot of drums that sound like this:
Please only links and videos that have to do with this genre because you know Auxy Disco.
It can get crazy some times…


Anytime I think of this genre, all I can think of is Daddy Yankee. I strongly suspect this video is NSFW, but, I strongly suspect these are all tropes of the genre. This song was a CLASSIC.

True story, before I worked where I work now, I used to work for an IT consultation company and we had a client out in Queens. I’d roll through Long Island City in my Chrysler New Yorker blasting La Calle, crazy times. It was a very very short lived phase :slight_smile: but yeah, Gasolina was a major hit of 2004. Crazy that this song is 15 years old already…

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Then there are people like Luis Fonsi too. Love his stuff.