GENRE: ___Lo-Fi___

Ah, yes, you’re right.
This was way earlier.

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Turn down the lowpass on your drums. Now you have lo-fi.

There’s a bit more to it than that. :wink:


Does anyone have some quality vinyl cracking noise fx? Some samples to add to the lofi noise?

Dude. This track is damn chill and groovy. Nice work. Loving the old school vibe with that tight present baseline and vocal chops.

I just asked for that above: can you share that vinyl crackle?

And btw - are your spotlight tracks all done in auxy? Really well done. :ok_hand:t3:

Dude. This track is damn chill and groovy. Nice work

Thanks. Appreciated.

I’ll just leave this here… No pressure, no expectation. Just recommend it if you feel it’s worth it. (It’s totally fine if you don’t think it is.)


…vinyl crackle

Got it from There’s plenty there, but I can make this crackle available if you really want it.


are your spotlight tracks all done in auxy? Really well done. :ok_hand:t3:

Yep. Thanks.

My Spotlight tracks are 100% #MadeWithAuxy.
(All apart from ‘What I Feel’ are pre Auxy V5.)

[Correction: I added the child prayer sample in ‘Through the Night’ using Audacity, because it wasn’t possible in V4. Now, that track would be pure Auxy.)

Of my entire SC output, two tracks are 0% Auxy, one is 95% Auxy. The rest are pure Auxy.


Would you not consider Lo-Fi Hip-Hop as a form/sub of Hip-Hop?

(I think of Lo-Fi as an interpretation, a form, a treatment, rather than a distinct genre.

As I understand it, a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop fan is likely to enjoy Hip-Hop, but not Lo-Fi House.)


  Hip-Hop      -  N  -     House

     |                       |

     Y                       Y

     |                       |

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop  -  N  -  Lo-Fi House
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I’m making a lo-fi remix for @Shif7’s remix contest.


I really wanna start making lo-fi but it seems challenging and I just can’t get it right for some reason. Anyone have any advice I could use? Thanks!

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Don’t make the kick to loud…

Also I like to make each note in the chords start one 32nd away from eachother

Also there is a snare called lofi which has a good sound for lofi.


The thing is are you looking to make lo-fi hip hop or lo-fi anything. Lo-fi hip hop is what you’re most likely referring to, so I will provide details for that.

Ledge is a good kit to start with, go for a basic hip-hop swing pattern. The amen break is a good place to start. Use relaxed sounds and make it sound glitchy. That’s a good place to start at the very least.


v i n y l c r a c k l e


definitely that, also, some glitchy piano vibes.


Daw Cassette app by Klevgrand can make anything sound super lo fi like an old beat up tape. Enough parameters to craft your own sound. Highly recommended. But I could be taking lo fi too literally. Not familiar with the genre, but running anything through there will get you the sound. It’s an AU effect app so you need GarageBand or Audiobus or one of those to host it


give each drum sample different offset and use swing


You could listen to a simple lo-fi hip hop track and then try to make something similar as a learning exercise.


Thanks for all of your tips, I appreciate them!! If people still wanna give advice go ahead ^^

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Overall Klevgrand stuff VERY good. Interesting stuff like Jussi too

Wish they had more standalone iOS apps though.

Accidentally bought Haaze recently (Stereo tool).

The iOS version is described as ‘AUv3 / Standalone’, but it’s not properly standalone in the way that (e.g.) Grand Finale is. i.e. You can’t import and export WAV files.

Just put in for a cancellation/refund.