GENRE: ___House___

I agree with @NickElle on this one.

I actually get quite mad when people refer to EDM as house… :rage:
I’m not sure they can co-exist in a thread peacefully…?


If you guys can agree and write up a way to seperate them out without confusing people, then I’ll do it.

I think of EDM as being “Electronic Dance Music” which encompasses a wide range of genres.


That’s fair man- I agree that edm has nothing to do with house. Things like bigroom house and electro house don’t really have much to do with house but are edm at its finest. Kinda funny how stuff gets labeled. Respect what nick and yourself are saying tho


Well, I guess I like EDM house too.

Fixed it for you. :wink:


Well… What about Basement Jaxx? Or is that just EDM?

Some great tracks there.

A couple more…

And a quick nod to one of my fave listens at the time…
(…being a regular at the MoS back in the day)

Best I stop now, or I’ll never stop.
(House if the genre that tempted me away from Hip-Hop.)

Halcyon days, indeed.

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That’s EDM.

Ah, many thanks. Well, guess I know what board to go to.

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Ah house, my favorite genre :3

Working on my track for The HOUSE MUSIC Challenge and stumbled across this:

A classic house track, built with such limited gear.
Really inspiring.

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It just goes to show how less can really equate to so much more. The last 30 seconds or so are very telling, when you have a bajillion plug-ins and a ton of hardware it can be too overwhelming, maybe it’s too many options?

Great vid thanks for sharing! :+1:

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French House: The Art of Sampling

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How Larry Heard Made House Music Deep | Resident Advisor


Thank you, Jesus. :raised_hands:


On this day (12 July) in 1979, disco went up in smoke with 60,000 baseball fans turning up to a Chicago White Sox game to burn disco records and cry “Disco Sucks!”. The infamous Disco Demolition Night with its racist and homophobic undertones was led by rock DJ Steve Dahl who was aggravated by Saturday Night Fever and the mainstream success of disco.

I like to make tech house lol

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I hate that guy. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

So do I. :slight_smile: